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Maui Wedding Bagpiper

If you're looking for a skilled bagpiper with over 25 years of bagpiping experience, for an unforgettable event on Maui or the other islands of Hawaii, you've come to the right place. 

Maui Wedding Bagpiper, Roger McKinley Maui Wedding Bagpiper, formal dress, Roger McKinley

If your romantic dream Maui wedding is on a white sand beach, with the bagpipes playing in the distance while you walk down the ailse, then you have found your bagpiper! Any kind of wedding can be enhanced by the addition of a bagpiper. He has performed for weddings at a variety of venues, such as hotels, churches, beaches, private residences, botanical gardens, and on Haleakala.

Roger is available to play for your wedding and your reception. He is the former Pipe Major of Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums and now appearing as the Mad Bagpiper at Mulligan's On The Blue in Wailea every Sunday starting at sunset.

Phone : (808) 281-6255
Skype: roger.pleasanton-mckinley

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